Froggy Learns To Swim (Jonathan London)


Summer Reading Day 57: Our book today was Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathan London, with illustrations by Frank Remkiewicz. It’s possible that you are familiar with the Froggy series, typically a tale of Froggy learning a new skill or visiting a new place (Froggy Goes to the Library, Froggy Plays Soccer, etc), and this one is no different: here, Froggy learns to swim despite his fears (and yes, the irony of a frog not knowing how to swim and being afraid of learning is mentioned in the book :))

It’s a cute and harmless tale, and I liked how Froggy acts very much like a child in it (the way he speaks, his logic – like needing his flippers to build the confidence to learn how to swim). The illustrations are cute, nothing to write home about, but enjoyable. The length was okay for baby bookworms, even if the story was a little bland. It’s not one I would say that you have to rush out and read right now, but I can recommend it, especially for baby bookworms learning how to swim.

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