Stellaluna (Janell Cannon)

Summer Reading Day 77: Hey everyone! Today we read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon, the story of a little fruit bat who gets separated from her mother and is raised by birds. She does her best to pretend to be like the birds, even though she feels different. One day, she is discovered by the other bats and reunited with her mother, and she finally feels as though she belongs – but can she share her new life with her adopted bird siblings?

This book has a very poignant message that so many kids can identify to: sometimes you only feel out of place because you haven’t found where you belong yet. And while Stellaluna’s adoptive bird mother seems a little cruel, her love and bond with her siblings, even when they realize how different they are, is a great analogy for how family will always love you, no matter how different you are. 

One complaint: this book was definitely too long for this Baby Bookworm. JJ rarely gets bored with books, and we were only about halfway through before she was ready to go do something else. However, with such a beautiful story and adorably realistic illustrations that may make you reconsider your fear of bats, this book would be fantastic for older readers. 


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