Tea Rex (Molly Idle)

Summer Reading Day 83: Hello, everybody! Our book today was Tea Rex by Molly Idle, a humorous story about proper tea party etiquette when one of your guests is a humongous T-Rex! Cordelia and her brother invite their friend Mr. Rex for afternoon tea, and while his massive size and sometimes-beastly manner causes a bit of fuss, they do their best to entertain their guest as polite hosts do, and have a lovely, if exhausting, tea party with their friend.

What a sweet, funny book! It juxtaposes the very formal rules of a fancy tea party with hilarious illustrations that highlight the charms and difficulties of Cordelia and her brother’s rather unorthodox teatime companion. The story text is short and fun to read, and the length is just about perfect for a Baby Bookworm. Plus, I loved that it showed a male child character having a lovely time at a tea party, and a female character who enjoys her fancy dress and begonias as much as she loves her dinosaur pal. This book is definitely a must for the little girl who loves princesses as much as she loves pteranodons. Baby Bookworm approved!


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