The White Cat And The Monk (Jo Ellen Bogart)

Summer Reading Day 88: Hello, everyone! Today, we read The White Cat And The Monk, written by Jo Ellen Bogart and illustrated by Sydney Smith. This lovely book is a retelling of a 9th century Irish poem called “Pangur Bán,” and tells the story of a monk contemplating his simple life with his cat, Pangur. As his cat hunts mice, the monk studies his manuscripts, and as the day breaks, he reflects on how he and Pangur both find happiness in their pursuits and their life together.

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful sort of book, this one fits the bill perfectly. The story is simple and the language soothing, and the length is just perfect for baby bookworms. The illustrations are charming, done mostly in a muted palette of black, white and grays and getting more colorful as the night turns to day. We really liked this one, as did our own fair kitty, Ripley! Baby Bookworm (and kitty) approved.

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