Are We There Yet? (Dan Santat)

Summer Reading Day 90: WE’VE DONE IT! Ninety books for 90 days of summer! Hooray! To wrap up our summer of reading, we picked Are We There Yet? by Dan Santat to read today. 

As a young boy rides in the backseat of his parents’ car to his grandmother’s house, he begins to get bored. The more restless he gets, the more his mind begins to wander, and his imagination begins to take hold. Suddenly, he and his parents find themselves flinging backwards and forwards through time as the boy imagines their journey traveling through the ages of cowboys, pirates and dinosaurs. 

What a cool book! The story is a perfect mix of wild, unexpected adventure for young readers and a heartwarming sense of nostalgia for adults (who doesn’t remember those seemingly endless car rides from our youth, and the odysseys our imaginations would take us on to pass the time?). The art is awesome: the characters are done in a modern comic book style, and even the book itself has a graphic novel-like layout, including several pages that require the book to be turned upside-down! The length is perfect for a baby bookworm, and older kids will love the comedy of the text and illustrations. JJ loved it, Mama loved it, and this one is enthusiastically Baby Bookworm approved!


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