Sloth Slept On (Frann Preston-Gannon)


Hello, everybody! Our book today was Sloth Slept On by Frann Preston-Gannon, a silly yet informative story about three children and their new animal friend.

Three friends find an animal in their backyard, one that is unlike any other creature they’ve found there before. He’s asleep, so they take him and try to find out what kind of creature he is. After brainstorming some fantastic origin stories, they find the answer in a book about rainforests: he’s a three-toed sloth! Since he is still asleep, they package him up and send him to the rainforest so he can be home when he wakes up… not realizing that he was escaped from their local zoo! Needless to say, the sloth wakes up to quite a surprise!

This book was a really nice mix of true animal facts and a very silly and absurd story about imagination! The illustrations of the sleepy sloth, especially his imaginary adventures, are really sweet and cute, and the length is good for a baby bookworm. This is definitely one that kids could still enjoy as they get older, too: there are some great sight gags in the illustrations that make the story very funny for older readers. We liked this one! Baby Bookworm approved!


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