What Do You Do With A Problem? (Kobi Yamada)

Hello friends! Sorry for the late update, but here we are with another lovely book: What Do You Do With A Problem? written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom.

A boy finds that he has a problem. His problem follows him like a dark cloud wherever goes: he cannot hide from it or disguise himself from it, and the more he ignores it, the bigger it gets. He is scared of it, but then he looks within his problem and finds something bright and golden: an opportunity. 

This was a very interesting book, speaking especially as someone who has an anxiety disorder. The dark cloud that represented the boy’s problem, the way it grew and became an untamable storm definitely spoke to me. I think I probably liked this book more than JJ: while I loved the subtle and intricately detailed pencil art, JJ was not as focused as she typically is. While I loved the metaphor of the story, it probably flew over a one-year-old’s head. I would say that this book may not be great for baby bookworms like JJ, but would probably be great for older kids who could understand the symbolism and message better. However, JJ sat through the story and seemed to mostly enjoy it, so I’m still calling this one Baby Bookworm approved!


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