Peanut Butter & Cupcake! (Terry Border)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Peanut Butter And Cupcake! by Terry Border, a funny book about finding new friends.

Peanut Butter is new to town, and he is hoping to find a friend who wants to play with him and his new soccer ball. He approaches several different prospective friends in turn (like Hamburger, Soup, and Cupcake), but doesn’t seem to mesh with any of them. Will Peanut Butter find the perfect friendship-match for him?

This is a great, simple story about making new friends, and the perseverance that doing so sometimes takes. Peanut Butter goes through lots of potential friends before he finds the one for him, but when he does, it’s just right, and that’s a great lesson for children who might be facing a similar situation. Beyond that, the length was great for baby bookworms, and the colorful and inventive miniature photography (in the place of traditional illustrations) kept her interested and focused on each page. We liked this one a lot! Baby Bookworm approved!


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