With Any Luck, I’ll Drive A Truck (David Friend)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read With Any Luck, I’ll Drive A Truck, written by David Friend and illustrated by Michael Rex, a rhyming story that introduces young readers to all manner of things that go! As the narrator tells a story of all the large vehicles he has driven (since the age of two!), detailed illustrations of forklifts, dump trucks and wrecking balls show what each vehicle looks like.

This book had a nice rhyme scheme, some really great and exceptionally detailed illustrations of all the vehicles and even a really fun twist near the end. The length is great, too, and it would be a fantastic book for baby bookworms who love all things vehicle-related – which, unfortunately, JJ is not! She’s never been crazy about the subject matter, so admittedly, she zoned out pretty early. So I would have to say that while this book may not have a broader appeal to young readers, fans of heavy machinery and big, rumbly vehicles would adore it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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