They All Saw A Cat (Brendan Wenzel)

Hello, friends! Today, we read They All Saw A Cat by Brendan Wenzel, a unique and wonderful book about perspective.

A cat goes about his day, encountering different creatures as he does, and each thing he meets sees cat in a different way: dog sees lots of sharp angles and a large, loud bell around his neck, fish sees blurry features and two large eyes through the water, bird sees him from above, worm feels his vibrations, etc. But they all saw the same thing: they all saw a cat.

This was such a cool book! The illustrations are killer, and the narrative is simple and fun to read, but what I loved most is how deftly it introduces the idea of perspective to children: several animals, or people, can look at something while having drastically different viewpoints based on their experiences, intentions, or perceptions. It’s a great lesson for kids to learn, and this book covers the concept perfectly. The length is great for baby bookworms, and JJ loved it. Definitely Baby Bookworm approved!


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