Never Say Boo! (Robin Pulver)

Halloween Week, Day 5: Hello, everyone! Today, we read Never Say Boo!, written by Robin Pulver and illustrated by Deb Lucke, the story of a very different little boy learning that sometimes it’s better to stand out than blend in.

Gordon is new to Boonieville Elementary, and he feels out of place. At his last school, all the children were ghosts, but here, he’s the only one. To make matters worse, his teacher and classmates are all frightened of him, especially when he says any word containing the letters B-O-O. So he tries to keep to himself and blend in, but it means hiding when he knows the answers to questions and his special talent: his very scary “BOO!” One day, however, an emergency takes place at school, and the sirens to alert the students and authorities are broken! Can one very spooky student save the day?

This was a great little book! It had a great ghostly sort of tone, making it a fun Halloween read, and the message was fantastic: sometimes being different means being the one person who can save the day with their special talents. Gordon’s ghostliness becomes a great metaphor for anything that might make a child feel out of place, and it was great to see his classmates make an effort to make him feel welcome despite their own fears and nervousness. The illustrations were suitably creepy but not too scary for little readers, and though the length might be stretching it for some baby bookworms, slightly older children would have no problems. Baby Bookworm approved!


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