Strictly No Elephants (Lisa Mantchev)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Strictly No Elephants, written by Lisa Mantchev and illustrated by Taeeun Yoo, a story about what it means to be a good friend.

A little boy is excited to attend a meeting of the local Pet Club with his very unique pet: a miniature elephant. He knows that his elephant is a somewhat unusual pet, but they are the best of friends, and they’re both excited to spend time with other pet lovers. But when they arrive, there’s a sign on the door: “Strictly No Elephants.” The boy and the elephant are hurt and angry, but they stick by each other, and find that other kids with unusual pets have been excluded, too. So they decide to form a new Pet Club all their own, one where everyone is allowed, because that’s what good friends do.

This was a positively adorable book. The illustrations are ridiculously cute; the miniature elephant in particular will melt any reader’s heart. Plus, the lesson is a simple and timeless one: it’s not about fitting in, it’s about being a good friend. The length is great, and JJ really enjoyed it, so this one is definitely Baby Bookworm approved!

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