Good Night Owl (Greg Pizzoli)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Good Night Owl by Greg Pizzoli, a silly story about nighttime noises.

Owl is just getting settled into bed when he hears a noise: “Squeek!” He searched for its source, but to no avail. So he snuggles back into bed, closes his eyes and… “SQUEEK!” Owl gets in and out of bed, searching for the noise, getting more and more frustrated each time. Will he ever discover what is making this “squeek” so he can get some sleep?! 

This was a funny little book. The audience is privy from the outset that the “squeek” is actually a mischievous mouse, and watching Owl go to more and more extreme lengths to ferret out the noise is humorous for both little readers and any adult who has had a persistently annoying noise keep them awake. The illustrations are simple, colorful and cute, the length is great, and JJ really enjoyed it, so this is a great bedtime book for those with a sense of humor. Baby Bookworm approved!

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