Extra Yarn (Mac Barnett)

Hello, everybody! Our book today is Extra Yarn, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen, a sweet tale about the magic of creativity and kindness.

A little girl named Annabelle lives in a cold village that only has two colors: the white of the snow and the black of the soot from their fires. One day, she finds a box with yarn of every color, so she decides to knit a sweater for herself. She has some extra yarn, so she knits one for her dog, Mars, too. There’s still some extra yarn, so she keeps knitting… and knitting… and knitting! She makes sweaters for all the people in town, then the animals, then even the buildings and trees, until her town is filled with color. People come from all over to see her creations, including an archduke who offers her any price for her magical box of yarn. Annabelle refuses to sell, so the archduke has the box stolen instead. But when he brings it back to his palace and opens it up, what he finds inside comes as quite a shock!

We adored this book! First, the illustrations were lovely: each character had their own special look and charm, and watching the world turn from black and white to beautiful colors as the knitting spread was so satisfying. The length is fine for baby bookworms, too, and JJ was really enjoying the tone of the text. But my favorite element was the story, a wonderful parable about creativity and kindness: how these qualities come from within, how they can not be stolen, and how endless and infinite they can be when shared with others. This is a fabulous book that little readers and their parents will love, and it’s definitely Baby Bookworm approved!


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