The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore (William Joyce)

Hello, friends! I am so excited to tell you about our book today: The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce. This is a wonderful fantasy story that celebrates the magic of the written word.

Mr. Morris Lessmore lives a solitary and orderly life with his book collection, and each day he writes his own story about his joys and sorrows, until one day a great storm comes through and blows away all of his words and leaves his world in devastation. He strikes out on his own, and comes upon a lovely lady being pulled along by a squadron of flying books. She shares her favorite story with him before flying away, and that story leads him to a magical building where the flying books nest. Mr. Morris Lessmore decides to stay and care for the books, helping them stay organized when they get out of sorts and fixing them when their pages are bent or their spines broken. He shares his stories with others, finding the perfect story for everyone and bringing color to their lives. And so on it goes, until he becomes old and the books care for him in turn.

This book is positively perfect. The story is a love letter to the power and impact of books and stories, and every word and illustration brings this concept to life beautifully. Each page is a lovely metaphor for what a life lived in words can bring. The text is soothing and gentle and a joy to read aloud, and the ending is the kind that will leave your spirit feeling peaceful. Otherwise, the length is fine, and JJ adored it. If you are a bibliophile of any age, I guarantee that this book will touch your heart and stay with you. Emphatically Baby Bookworm approved!


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