Dragon Was Terrible (Kelly DiPucchio)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Dragon Was Terrible, written by the awesome Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli. This fun story is about a mean dragon, and the little boy who tames him in the most unexpected of ways!

There’s no getting around it: Dragon was terrible. Every day, he seemed to find new ways of being rude, mean and a bully to everyone around him. So the king advertises an award for the person who can tame Dragon, first to the brave knights (who fail miserably) and then to anyone who dares try (who also fail miserably). Still, there is one little boy who thinks he has the solution, though it’s a bit unusual: has anyone tried reading Dragon a story?

Kelly DiPucchio is one of our personal favorite authors, and she doesn’t disappoint with Dragon. The story is the perfect length, tons of fun, and has several fantastic messages to take away: the effectiveness of ingenuity over brute strength, and the power of books, patience and friendship. The illustrations are simply adorable and lots of fun, and JJ loved them. A fantastic and fun read to tame any terrible little dragon. Baby Bookworm approved!


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