A Child Of Books (Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston)

Hello, friends! Today, we read a gorgeous story called A Child Of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, a celebration of the written word and the magical lands it can transport you too.

The story is simple: a little girl sets sail on her raft of imagination, built from the words she reads, and invites another young child along. Together, they explore forests, fight monsters, and sleep among the clouds, transported by the text of the stories they read. After all, the entire universe is at your fingertips if you are a child of books, and your imagination is the key.

As always, we adore a children’s book that pays tribute to reading and stories and how important they are in our lives, and this one does so with a sense of majesty. The art is especially breathtaking: the landscapes and creatures of each world the children travel to is crafted from typeset quotes from classic children’s books and songs (the clouds they sleep on in a starlit sky, for instance, are made of the lyrics to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star). In addition to being so original and symbolic, this feature makes this a book that children can come back to as their reading abilities develop, and could even help them discover new books. The story’s text is lovely to read, and the length is great, and JJ really enjoyed this one, as did I. A perfect addition to any young reader’s library. Baby Bookworm approved!


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