How This Book Was Made (Mac Barnett)

Hey there, friends! Today, we read How This Book Was Made, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Adam Rex, an informative yet hilarious story that explains how a book becomes a book.

Every book begins with an idea, including this one. Sometimes, an author can get an idea at the strangest times (arm-wrestling a tiger, for instance, as Barnett claimed to be). From there comes writing, editing, illustrating, printing, shipping, and a lot of silly, unexpected hurdles along the way. But even when the book has been through all of those steps, a book is not a book until someone takes it home, opens it up, and reads.

This book was hilarious! It’s not often I laugh out loud at a children’s book, but this story had me giggling along with JJ multiple times. And while the story is irreverent and often ridiculous, it was also extremely informative about the processes and people that all go into creating a book. The length was fine for baby bookworms, the text was full of quirkiness, excitement and tongue-in-cheek humor that made it a joy to read aloud, and the illustrations are colorful and chock full of character, and really bring the offbeat story to life. We loved this book, and you and your little readers absolutely will as well. Baby Bookworm approved!


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