Samson In The Snow (Philip C. Stead)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Samson In The Snow by Philip C. Stead, a beautiful tale about kindness and friendship.

Samson the woolly mammoth spends each sunny day tending to his dandelion patch, content but alone. One day, a little red bird flits by and asks if she may have a few flowers to cheer up her friend. Her friend is having a bad day, she explains, and yellow is his favorite color. Samson kindly provides three of his best flowers to the grateful bird, and watches as she flies off, wondering what it might be like to have a friend. He dozes off, and wakes to find a terrible blizzard has blown in while he slept. Fearing for the safety of the bird, he sets off to find her, leading him on an adventure that tests his will and shows his kindness, and even ends in a few new friendships.

This is a gorgeous book that combines sweeping, majestic visuals with delicate details and a simply sweet story. Samson is a pure and good-natured character whose openness and warmth is rewarded with friendship, which is told refreshingly without cynicism or negativity. The length is good for baby bookworms, though it may push the patience of the very young due to the longer text and subdued colors: though these elements fit perfectly in the theme of the book, very young babies may not find it stimulating enough. That being said, JJ loved it and was excited through the entire read. Lovely book with a lovely message, and Baby Bookworm approved!


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