Nellie Belle (Mem Fox & Mike Austin)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read the adorable book Nellie Belle by Mem Fox & Mike Austin, a singsong rhyming book about a playful little dog.

Nellie Belle has fun wherever she goes. One day, she is having fun digging in her own yard, when she finds she’s dug herself right under the fence and out the other side! So, why not go exploring? She meets new friends on the street, at the beach, even in the sea! But when she wanders in the park in the dark, she gets a bit spooked. So she decides to run home to where she has the most fun of all: curled up in her own bed with her teddy bear.

This was an adorable, simple story that is perfect for baby bookworms! The rhyme scheme has lots of repetition and the words and concepts are very toddler-friendly, and the colorful illustrations are full of details and humor that can be fully discovered and appreciated as children grow. The length is perfect for even the littlest readers, and JJ lit up while we read it! This is a fun one for all ages, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!


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