Top 5: Dogs


Hello, everyone! Another Saturday, another Top 5 list! This week, our theme is our furry friends: Dogs! It was tough narrowing this one down, because we’ve read quite a few adorable books about pups this year (including today’s daily review, Nellie Belle). We did cut it down to our five favorites, though, so in no particular order, here are our top five books about dogs from 2016:

1. Excellent Ed (Stacy McAnulty)


A fantastic story about finding your special talents, and knowing that family will always be there for you as you do, told through the eyes of a precocious little dog named Ed. This one is filled with humor and heart, and it great for readers whose dogs are a beloved member of their family.

2. Sit, Truman! (Dan Harper)


If you are a fan of Mastiffs or any other giant-breed dogs, this book is a lot of fun! The realistic illustrations perfectly capture the unique qualities of enormous pups, and are hilarious for little ones. Plus, limited text makes this a quick read that can be enjoyed over and over again.

3. Don’t Lick The Dog: Making Friends With Dogs (Wendy Wahman)


If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce proper doggy etiquette to kids, this book is fabulous for all ages. Rhyming text talks kids through approaching dogs safely, asking owners for permission to pet, behavior around service animals, etc. Colorful, high-contrast art makes it great for the very young, so baby bookworms can learn how to safely make new doggy friends early and often!

4. If Dogs Run Free (Bob Dylan)


A colorful, joyfully illustrated book set to the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s 1970 song of the same name. The lyrical text has a lovely, peaceful flow to it, but the illustrations by Scott Campbell are what make this one truly special: dogs of every size, shape, color and personality burst from each page as they travel along, and will leave you with a smile on your face by the book’s end.

5. Gaston (Kelly DiPucchio)


A phenomenal story of adoption and non-traditional families, with the touching message that family is whom you choose to love, regardless of where they come from or what they look like. Precious illustrations will have you falling in love with every character, and the text is fun and interactive. This one is an all-around great read, and one of our favorite books of 2016.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5! Tell us what you think! What were your favorite books about dogs this year? Plus, be sure to come back next Saturday night for a brand new Top 5 list! Have a festive weekend!

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