Still My Mommy (Megan Pomputius)

Hello, friends. Today, we read the book Still My Mommy, written by Megan Pomputius and illustrated by Andrea Alemanno, a story about a young girl dealing with a parent’s illness.

There once was a little girl whose mommy called her Supergirl, and they would spend lots of fun times together: reading books, running through the sprinkler, and learning how to write the letters of the alphabet. But one day, the little girl’s mommy gets very sick. Mommy must go on medicine that will make her tired and make her lose her hair. Still, no matter how different she may look, she will always love being with her little girl, because she’s still Mommy.

This is a very sweet book for all readers, but especially for children going through a family member’s illness (Pomputius based the book on her own fight against ovarian cancer). The message is simple but powerful: illness may change the people we love physically, mentally, or emotionally, but they are always the same person underneath. The book also covers some of the scary parts of chemotherapy, like losing hair, tactfully and simply enough for young children to understand. The illustrations have a nice, subdued quality that matches the text and subject matter well, and the length is fine for baby bookworms. Overall, this is an impressive book that takes on a difficult subject with grace and can help children during a confusing time in their family’s life. Baby Bookworm approved.

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