Here Comes Santa Cat (Deborah Underwood)

Happy Holidays Week, Day 5: Hello, everybody! Our book today is the adorable Here Comes Santa Cat, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda, a interactive story about an enterprising cat who is on a mission to make the “nice” list.

Why is Cat dressed up like Santa? So he can give himself a present of course! But doesn’t Cat know that Santa will give him his present? Oh, I see: Cat has tended to fall on the side of “naughty” more than “nice” this year. What can he do to try to redeem himself so that Santa will bring him a gift? 

This is a really cute and funny book, told in a fun conversational style (the text addresses Cat directly, and his response is showed through the following illustration. It makes for a very entertaining read for adults and kids! The illustrations are wonderfully on point, expressive and rich with charm. And the story is a classic Christmas theme reimagined: generosity to others is always its own reward. The length was very reasonable, and JJ loved it. This one was tons of fun, and definitely Baby Bookworm approved!


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