Little Tree (e.e. cummings & Chris Raschka)

Happy Holidays Week, Day 7: Merry Christmas, everyone! Our book today was Little Tree, based on a poem by e.e. cummings with story and illustrations by Chris Raschka, a lovely Christmas tale of a little tree and all the joy it brings to the world.

A little tree sits in a little forest, waiting for the day it will become something more. Then one day, a little truck comes and drives the little tree to the little big city, where a little family lives. The tree waits on the sidewalk for them to come and choose it, so they can bring it home and decorate it will all their baubles and bits for Christmas.

This was a lovely little book based on a poem by one of my favorite poets. The cubist-inspired illustrations are fun and colorful, and the pleasant story is a good length and full of Christmas cheer (though you may be a little sick of the word “little” by the end of it). JJ enjoyed it, so this one is Baby Bookworm approved!

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