ABC Questions (Christine Cruz)

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.) 

Hello, friends! Today, we read ABC Questions, written by Christine Cruz and illustrated by Jason Buhagiar, an entertaining book that takes children on a tour of the alphabet by asking some rather silly questions.

Beverly is a clever little girl who is learning her alphabet. But she has a few questions: Has anyone ever scene an Alligator Balance a Cup? Or could a Giraffe Hide in an Igloo? Beverly makes her way through the alphabet thusly, and is hoping to have her questions answered soon, as she has to learn her numbers, too!

This book has a fun concept that is executed mostly well. The comical and imaginative scenarios that string together alphabetical words are fun and silly, and will surely get a giggle out of young readers. The length is fine, and while the text can be a little tripping at times (some pages have rhyme schemes and others don’t), it’s mostly an easy, enjoyable read. My only main complaint is the illustrations, which are somewhat inconsistent. Many of the imagined scenarios are well-done and very cute, but the expressions on Beverly’s face are… creepy. Sort of unsettling. Otherwise, JJ enjoyed it well enough, and it does have a great concept, so still Baby Bookworm approved!


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