Nerdy Birdy (Aaron Reynolds)

Hello, everybody! Today’s book is the wonderful Nerdy Birdy, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Matt Davies, an adorable and unexpected story about the nature of true friendship.

Nerdy Birdy is not like the cool birds: he wears glasses, has a birdseed allergy, and loves reading and video games. The popular birds like Eagle and Cardinal pick on him, excluding him for his nerdiness. One day, however, Nerdy Birdy finds that he is not alone – there are lots of nerdy birdies who look like him and have the same interests too! Nerdy Birdy thinks that he’s finally found his place… that is, until Vulture comes along.

This was a fabulous book about friendship that had a wonderfully fresh take on cliques and what makes a real friend. In the end, Nerdy Birdy’s decision to do what’s right instead of following popular opinions is a great message for children on true friendship, and it’s ability to bond people (or birds) who may otherwise have little in common. The illustrations, done in Davies’ unique style, breathe life into the characters, and the dialogue has a lot of unique voices that make it tons of fun to read aloud. Length is great, and JJ really enjoyed it. This one is definitely Baby Bookworm approved!

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