Hello, My Name Is Octicorn (Kevin Diller & Justin Lowe)

Hey there, friends! Our book today is Hello, My Name Is Octicorn by Kevin Diller and Justin Lowe, a ridiculously fun tale with a lot of heart.

Meet Octi. He is an Octicorn (his mom is an octopus, and his dad is a unicorn). He’s a fun, friendly fellow who likes the same kinds of things everyone does: cupcakes, jet skiing, and making friends. Unfortunately, he has a bit of trouble with the latter: being half unicorn and half octopus means he has trouble fitting in wherever he goes, so he often feels left out. Say… might you want to be his friend?

This is one of those great books that reels you in with some fantastic comedy, then hits the reader with a very relatable message. Who hasn’t felt like they don’t quite fit in? The book ends with Octi asking the reader if they would like to be friends, and that makes for a great message: if you feel a little strange and don’t fit in, eventually, you’ll find someone else who feels the same way – and that person might just become a friend. The text is conversational, fun to read and moves at a perfect pace, which makes the book a fine length. The simple line-drawing illustrations are adorable and very funny, and give the book a unique look. It’s an enjoyable read, and JJ loved it, so Baby Bookworm approved!

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