The Happiest Book Ever! (Bob Shea)

Hello, everybody! JJ was a bit under the weather today, so we really needed a good book to cheer us up! Fortunately, our book today was The Happiest Book Ever! by Bob Shea, a wonderfully fun interactive book guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This book is determined to be the happiest book EVER! So it’s filled itself with things that everybody loves: delicious cake, smiling clouds, hugs, a flyin’ lion, even a candy parade! Still, it feels like the book could be happier. What’s holding it back? Oh, maybe that frowny frog has something to do with it… 

This was a fantastic book – not only did it have a lot of fun ways to interact, but it also had a great lesson about kindness and not losing one’s temper, which was unexpected and nice (most interactive books don’t really have a message, they’re just all in good fun). JJ got a lot of laughs out of the different activities, emotions, and ultra-bright, mega-colorful illustrations. The length was good, and it was a blast to read. We would absolutely recommend this one! Baby Bookworm approved!

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