Owl Sees Owl (Laura Godwin & Rob Dunlavey)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Owl Sees Owl by Laura Godwin and Rob Dunlavey, a unique and lovely little tale about a curious little owl on the nighttime.

Told in four words per page, the story begins with a young owl waking from sleep in the nest he shares with his mother and siblings. From there, he ventures out into the night sky, exploring a twilight world of autumn leaves, scampering mice, and moonlit ponds. Stopping to rest on a branch, he sees his reflection in the water (“owl sees owl”), and the text reverses, covering the same quartets of words backwards as the little owl makes his way back home.

This is a cool concept for a book, and we both really liked it. The simple, short vocabulary words that comprise the text make for a quick read for babies, while giving them gorgeous nighttime landscapes and creatures for illustrations, then transitions well into a book for beginning readers. And though it lacks a traditional narrative, the words are evocative enough to still make reading it aloud entertaining and fun. We enjoyed this one! Baby Bookworm approved!


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