The Bear And The Piano (David Litchfield)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read The Bear And The Piano by David Litchfield, a gorgeous and touching fable about the courage it takes to leave home, and the courage it can take to return.

A young bear, wandering through the woods of his home, finds a piano in a clearing. It’s large and wooden and makes a horrible sound when he plays it. But he keeps trying, and as the years so by, he becomes a talented pianist. The other bears love his music, and gather round when he plays the songs he’s written about the wider world he hopes to explore. One day, he is discovered by some humans who offer to bring him back to the city so he can perform, and while he is scared to leave home, he wants to see the world. So he sets off and, in no time, becomes a famous musician beloved the world over. Yet when he decides to return home for a visit, he is scared once again: will his friends be mad that he left? Is home still home for him?

This was such a beautiful story, and it had such a wonderful ending. Leaving home is something we all must face, and this book perfectly captured the emotions that surround it while imparting the timeless message that home will always be a soft place to land. The art was beautiful, instilling a sense of wildness into both the forest and the concrete jungle, and it was a good length for young readers. We loved this one. Baby Bookworm approved!


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