Everyone (Christopher Silas Neal)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Everyone by Christopher Silas Neal, a fantastic book about feelings and why it’s okay to have them.

Everyone gets happy. Everyone gets sad, too. And everyone will cry, on occasion. Everyone has felt frustrated, anxious, or scared, or even like singing! So no matter how you feel or how you choose to express it, everyone has felt just like you do at some point. So really, the only thing you ought not to feel is alone, because everyone is here with you.

Loved this book! Proof that simple concepts can be absolutely beautiful when done well. It’s a fabulous book about feelings, how we all share them, and how it’s perfectly okay to express them. What made it special was the art, which used a simple color palette to show that emotions are universal, and tie you to the world around you, and that expressing them is healthy and normal (the visual of a little boy’s tears becoming bluebirds that fly away into an open sky, for instance, is an especially lovely one). The length is made for the youngest readers, and JJ loved it. This one is perfect for talking with little ones about feelings, and we absolutely recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!


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