Explorers Of The Wild (Cale Atkinson)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read Explorers Of The Wild by Cale Atkinson, an adorable story of two adventurers and their unexpected friendship.

Exploring the wild takes guts, be you human or bear. It takes knowledge, ingenuity, curiosity and skill. And if you’re very, very lucky, sometimes you will find a friend who shares those same qualities, and who might spend the day wandering the wild with you. And when you have to part, it might be bittersweet, but you will always have the memories of your adventures together.

Atkinson’s To The Sea was one of our favorite books last year, so we had high hopes for this one, and it absolutely delivered. Once again, the reader is given a wonderful, colorful, exhilarating book about friendship and what makes it special. The way the illustrations and text are laid out, the reader feels as though they are joining Boy and Bear on their adventures, and the story has a lot of great themes on friendship, nature, and courage. The length is just perfect for baby bookworms, and JJ thoroughly enjoyed it. This one is definitely recommended for adventurers of all ages, and it is absolutely Baby Bookworm approved!

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