Elmer And The Rainbow (David McKee)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read Elmer And The Rainbow by David McKee, a story about kindness and love.

Elmer the patchwork elephant and his elephant friends are sheltering in a cave during a thunderstorm, but Elmer is excited. Once the storm ends, he knows there will be a beautiful rainbow! But when he goes outside, he finds that the rainbow has lost its colors! Elmer decides to share some of his bright colors with the rainbow, but first he must find where the rainbow ends. All his animal friends volunteer to help him, but they are worried: if Elmer gives his colors to the rainbow, what will happen to him?

Sometimes the sweetest lessons in children’s books come from the most unexpected places. Elmer’s instinct to be kind and selfless, and his friends’ willingness to help, are wonderful qualities to show young readers, but the best part of this story is the moral: Elmer gives his colors to the rainbow, but still retains his own. He explains that some things can be given freely without the giver ever running out, like his colors, or generosity, or love. The illustrations are bright, if somewhat crude in places (the Elmer series has a specific style to its illustrations), but friendly and colorful nonetheless. The length is fine, and JJ enjoyed it, and it’s got a stellar message, so this one is Baby Bookworm approved! 

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