Little Elliot, Big City (Mike Curato)

Hello, friends! Today, we read Little Elliot, Big City by Mike Curato, a beautifully illustrated yet wonderfully simple tale of a little elephant in a big city.

Life in a busy city can be tough, especially if you are a little polka-dotted elephant like Elliot. Being so small, Elliot often gets overlooked, or even trampled on! Still, he enjoys his quiet life and the simple pleasures, like delicious cupcakes. Some days are frustrating, though. But it is on one such day that he will find that being kind can bring of the best simple pleasure of all: a good friend.

Oh, my, this one was very cute. Anyone who doesn’t have a heart made of stone will fall for Elliot within the first few pages – he is ridiculously adorable, and the spectacular illustrations of his city, and his small place within it, will definitely make you appreciate his point of view. The plot is wonderful, too: kindness and friendship are the moral of the story, but the themes of feeling unnoticed, isolation, and adapting to challenges are fully explored and create a great sympathy with Elliot for readers of all ages. Plus, the resolution of the little guys helping each other to achieve their goals is a great message, especially in times like these. The length was perfect, and JJ adored the little “effent” (“elephant”), so this one is definitely one to check out! Baby Bookworm approved!

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