Here Comes Valentine Cat (Deborah Underwood)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We spent the day playing with friends and reading a hilariously sweet book: Here Comes Valentine Cat, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda.

Like the other books in the Here Comes Cat series, this fourth-wall breaking story has the reader in conversation was a rather sassy cat. Cat is not excited about Valentine’s Day, and he doesn’t want to make any valentines, especially for the annoying dog who just moved in next door. The dog who howls all day, throws bones in Cat’s yard, and even threw a ball and hit Cat in the head! But things are not always what they appear, and Cat may find that the best Valentine’s gift of all is to be a good friend.

This was our second Here Comes Cat book, and it was just as enjoyable as the last! The page-by-page “conversation” with Cat is a blast to read, and his reaction illustrations are hilarious, snarky, and adorable. I especially loved that this one had a great moral to the story: sometimes we can mistake the actions of others, and if we look at things from their perspective, we can better understand them. The length is great, just be prepared for a lot of page-flipping because of the way the book is laid out (not a problem for JJ, who LOVES turning pages). Also, clearly, this baby bookworm loved Cat and his antics. A hilarious and charming Valentine’s Day book that all ages can enjoy, and we recommend it! Baby Bookworm approved!


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