Love Monster And The Scary Something (Rachel Bright)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Love Monster And The Scary Something by Rachel Bright, an adorable tale about facing one’s fears of the things that go bump in the night. 

Love Monster has finished his bedtime routine and is all ready to settle in for sleepy time, but the noises in his home are very spooky! Surely, there is a horrible creature climbing the stairs to do him in, but he must somehow find the bravery to face his fears. And when he does, he may find that what he is afraid of is not at all what it appears to be.

What a very cute book! A whimsical rhyme scheme and some stellar text layouts and illustrations tell a timeless fable about fear; namely, that when you find the courage to face your fears, you often find that the very thing you were afraid of was nothing to fear in the first place. Love Monster and his night of nervousness is a cute tale with a satisfying ending, and that’s great for any book about fears. The length was fine for baby bookworms, and JJ really seemed to like it, so we can definitely call this one Baby Bookworm approved!

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