ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn To Read 55 Words (Stefanie Hohl)

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.) 

Hello, everybody! Today’s book is ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn To Read 55 Words by Stefanie Hohl, an alphabet and word comprehension method developed to help toddlers learn to read.

Created by Hohl, a mother and children’s author/illustrator/educator, the ABC See, Hear, Do method ties together a letter’s shape (C) with its sound (C-c-c-c) and an action to represent it (scratching one’s fingers like a cat). Hohl’s assertion is that by giving children a visual, auditory and physical association for each letter, it can help them memorize the letters and sounds, eventually tying them together to create words. Each page in the book features a letter, it’s phonetic pronunciation, and an illustrated animal making the gesture associated with it, with regular breaks to attempt short three-letter words with the letters the reader has just learned.

It’s tough to give a comprehensive review on the book’s method, as we’ve only just read it for the first time today, but I would definitely say that it has promise. JJ was able to mimic the gestures I demonstrated for her while making the letter sounds (she has already begun learning letters, so we’re at a good point for her to start this method), and seemed to enjoy both the actions and illustrations. She was not quite ready to attempt the words yet, so we will see. But overall, this seems like a unique way of encouraging pre-readers to learn their letters and words, especially very visual and/or physical learners, and we will likely continue to try it with JJ. If this seems like a good way to help your little one get on the track to reading, I would definitely check it out! Baby Bookworm approved!


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