One More Acorn (Don Freeman & Roy Freeman)

Hello, friends! Today, we read One More Acorn by Don Freeman and Roy Freeman, the story of a little squirrel and his quest to find the perfect acorn.

Earl the squirrel has to find lots of acorns to feed his family before winter hibernation, so he has lots of work to do. He’s got just the acorn in mind, too: the big one he hid in summer. But Washington D.C. is bustling with people and cars today, and it’s tough to get around. Will Earl be able to find one more acorn before autumn is over?

Fans of Don Freeman, known best for his classic book Corduroy, will love this sweet, simple story about Earl and his acorn hunt, discovered and completed by his son Roy over 30 years after Don passed away. It’s a fairly standard autumn story, covering the work of busy squirrels and set against a lovely backdrop of Washington D.C. in the fall. The length is good for baby bookworms, and JJ really liked this one, especially the gorgeous illustrations, their autumnal color scheme, and adorable little Earl and his family. This one is a nice one for when fall rolls back around, and we recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!


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