Milk Goes To School (Terry Border)

Hello, everyone! For our book today, we chose Milk Goes To School by Terry Border, a story about making friends and what can happen when we rush to judgement.

It’s Milk’s first day of school, and she’s nervous. Her dad gives her a new backpack and tells her that she is “la creme de la creme,” so she tries to be confident and face her fears head-on. But a series of misunderstandings and snap judgements turn a few of the kids against her, and some decide that she is “spoiled.” Will Milk be able to get through her first day, and prove that she is not spoiled, but sweet?

This book had some ups and downs, to be frank. On the positive, Border’s food model photography, which comprises the art of the book, is full of life and personality, and brings an incredible amount of character to what would otherwise be inanimate objects. And for the most part, the story is good; it deals with the fact that a simple misunderstanding over a word or action can lead us to assume too much about a person, and encourages the reader to look at others from their perspectives, which is novel for a book like this. The text is FILLED with food puns, so take that as you will, as I know puns can be a little divisive. The length was also a bit much for baby bookworms, but JJ made it through okay, and this books could conceivably be intended for older readers anyway. I guess what bothered me was the resolution, which seemed very swift, abrupt, and a bit too tidy, especially after Milk was bullied so mercilessly by some of the other characters. More realistic, perhaps, but with a book about talking food items, I guess realism wasn’t really what I was expecting. Still, this one had some nice elements, and JJ loved the photos, so this one is Baby Bookworm approved.

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