The Cow Who Climbed A Tree (Gemma Merino)

Hello, everybody! Today, we read The Cow Who Climbed A Tree by Gemma Merino, a wonderfully sweet story about following your dreams.

Tina is a smart, curious cow who loves to learn, explore, and dream. Her sisters think her wonderings are foolish and pointless, and never miss an opportunity to tell her so. But Tina doesn’t let their negativity dampen her spirits, and instead of being content to sit out in the field all day, she decides to explore the surrounding forest. Little does she know that what she finds may turn her and her sisters’ lives upside down!

This book was fantastic! First, I loved that the intelligent and creative character with dreams of learning and building was a girl, and that her aspirations are presented as completely valid. And best of all, I loved that the sisters, who are initially cast in antagonistic roles, are not simply proven wrong but have their thinking changed by their own new experiences. It sends the message to children that people who are dismissive or rude may not necessarily be bad, they may just have a narrower point of view and could change their mind with a different perspective. The art is simple yet charming, and beautifully colorful, the story and length are perfect, and JJ really enjoyed this one. Definitely Baby Bookworm approved!


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