Best Frints In The Whole Universe (Antoinette Portis)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Best Frints In The Whole Universe by Antoinette Portis, a funny tale about conflict between friends – err – “frints.” 

On the planet Boborp, there are no two better frints (friends) than Omek and Yelfred. Why, they’ve been frints since they were little blobbies (babies). However, sometimes frints can fight, using teef (teeth) even, such as when one frint schmakles the other’s brand new spossip. Can these frints make amends?

This book was definitely silly, but still a great story about friendship. Right off the bat, the made-up language of Boborp (easily deciphered through English similarities and context) is fun and goofy, and sure to give slightly older littles a chuckle. There is also the great way that the text compares the Boborpian (?) way of friendship with ours (such as biting and hitting being an acceptable method of fighting to aliens, but it is certainly not here on Earth), essentially providing some basic friendship do’s and don’ts. The length is just fine for smaller readers, and JJ loved the brightly-colored extraterrestrials and their world. This one is fantastic for little fans of monsters or aliens, or anyone who could use a good primer about friendship and sharing. Baby Bookworm approved!


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