The Bear Ate Your Sandwich (Julia Sarcone-Roach)

Hello, friends! Today’s book is The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach, an adorable and very funny tale about a bear, a city, and a sandwich.

So you’ve noticed that your sandwich is missing. Well, you won’t believe it, but crazy thing: a bear ate it. See, it all started when this bear accidentally stowed away in a berry truck, and ended up here in the city. From there, some wild adventures were to be had in this new wilderness, adventures that led him right to your sandwich. Believe me: it’s a 100% true and totally plausible tale of how your sandwich managed to get eaten… 

This book was delightful! The story was tons of fun, switching from fish-out-of-water to tall tale deftly, with a hilarious twist ending that tied everything together with a great laugh. The illustrations are lively, colorful and full of personality, giving tons of character to both the bumbling bear and the city he finds himself exploring (I especially loved the subtle nods to San Francisco, my former home, in the art). The length is perfect, and JJ absolutely adored it! Perfect for a sweet, funny read that will leave you and your little one smiling! Baby Bookworm approved!

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