The Highest Mountain Of Books In The World (Rocio Bonilla)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read The Highest Mountain Of Books In The World by Rocio Bonilla, a lovely fable about the power of books and stories and how they can inspire and transport a child.

His entire life, the one thing that Lucas has wanted more than anything is to fly. He attempts to construct himself wings, but they never work. He asks Santa for a set of functional wings every Christmas, but he always gets toy wings instead. One day, his mother puts a book in his hands and tells him, “There are other ways to fly, Lucas.” Lucas is unsure of what she means, but he begins to read, and read, and READ; and as his pile of books grows to remarkable heights, Lucas starts to think that he might know what she means.

As many of you know, I’m a sucker for books about books, especially the impact they can make on a child, and this one was a treasure on the subject. The metaphors for books being our wings is classic yet always relevant, and it’s brought to life with earnest simplicity here. The gorgeous art of Lucas being transported to the worlds of his favorite books, such as some adorable spreads of him reading with the characters from Kipling’s The Jungle Book and de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, illustrate the book’s theme perfectly while evoking the feeling every reader has of being lost in a fictional world. It even has the added bonus of being a story about how fostering a child’s passion for reading is an act of love. The length is great, JJ loved this one, and it’s perfect for inspiring your own baby bookworm. We highly recommend this one: Baby Bookworm approved!

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