Leaves (David Ezra Stein)

Hello, everybody! Our book today is Leaves by David Ezra Stein, a sweet and simple read about a bear’s first autumn.

Bear has enjoyed his first year, having spent it exploring his lovely forest. But as the weather turns colder, Bear is very surprised to see the leaves change colors, then begin falling off the tree. First one, then another, then lots and lots, falling into colorful piles on the ground. Bear tries to reattach the leaves, but it’s not the same. Finally, Bear finds that he has grown very tired, and takes some of the fallen leaves to a den in the ground, falling into a deep sleep as snow coats the ground. And when he wakes up again in spring, he is glad to find that the trees are looking much better, and are even beginning to sprout brand new leaves.

This was a very nice and pretty straightforward autumn story, complete with woodland animals, falling leaves, and learning about the change of seasons. It hit a lot of positives for us: it was very sweet, had fun, playful illustrations and a charming main character, and a perfect length for little readers. It’s a perfectly fine book, but to be honest, nothing about it blew us away. Truth be told, JJ seemed a bit bored with this one, and it didn’t really make a lasting impression on me. It’s a fine fall book; covers the basics, but ultimately feels a bit formulaic (it didn’t help that the plot was strikingly similar to Fletcher And The Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson, which featured many of the same beats but with a breathtakingly gorgeous final page). But ultimately, it’s still a very enjoyable book about falling leaves and the changing seasons, and we liked it fine. Baby Bookworm approved!

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