Hoot Owl, Master Of Disguise (Sean Taylor)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Hoot Owl, Master Of Disguise, written by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Jean Jullien, a fun and silly frolic through a night with the mighty hunter, Hoot Owl.

Hoot Owl is on the wing, cutting through the dark night like a very sharp thing would. For he is the fearsome hunter Hoot Owl, and he is hungry. And when he finds his prey, he will know just what to do: he will sneak up on them, donning one of his many brilliant disguises. But for some reason, his meals-to-be keep slipping away. Certainly, they couldn’t be recognizing that the giant carrot or ornamental bird bath sneaking up on them is actually Hoot Owl, master of disguise! Could they?

This was a great tongue-in-cheek book about a cluelessly hubristic owl, and it was a delight to read. As Owl’s prey, and his disguises, become more and more ridiculous, it’s easy to laugh along to his inflated sense of pride and overly-enigmatic self-descriptions. The art is just perfect for baby bookworms, with bright bold colors and thick outlines defining easily recognizable characters. The length is great, and JJ really enjoyed it, especially the art and Owl’s swaggering dialogue. This one was a lot of fun, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!


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