Beautiful (Stacy McAnulty)

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Beautiful, written by Stacy McAnulty and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, a fabulous celebration of everything, inside and out, that makes girls beautiful.

What makes a girl beautiful? Is it a girl’s style, her hair, her smile? Yes! Every type of hair, every smile, and every style, as long as it’s hers. It’s also in her mind and her heart; her sense of adventure and determination; her kindness and friendship; her laughter, her intelligence, her courage. For every girl is unique and talented, every girl is a riot of color and personality, and every girl is beautiful.

Is there a better, more necessary message for little girls these days? And this book imparted it beautifully: girls of every shape, size, color and ability are represented as being both physically and mentally beautiful. Girls are shown reading, playing sports, studying science, getting dirty, supporting their friends, and enjoying being ALL the things that little girls are made of. The art is exuberant, colorful and filled with energy and joy. The text is easy to read, and satirizes traditional stereotypes to make its point (“beautiful girls smell like flowers,” it reads, showing three happily mud-crusted girls gardening together). The length is just perfect, and JJ loved it, and I’m honestly excited we get to keep our copy. A fantastic celebration of girlhood in every sense, and we absolutely recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!


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