Dinosaur Kisses (David Ezra Stein)

Hello, everybody! Our book today is Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein, a wonderfully funny book about a little dinosaur’s quest for kisses.

Dinah the dinosaur hatches from her egg, excited and ready to explore all the new things to see and do. She finds that she can STOMP! and CHOMP! and WHOMP! with natural ease, but when she sees two little dinosaurs giving a gentle kiss, she decides to try that too. Only one problem: Dinah has a little trouble with the “gentle” part. She accidentally stomps or chomps when trying to kiss the big dinos; the little ones simply scatter in terror. Will Dinah find someone to kiss who doesn’t mind her brute enthusiasm?

This was a very cute and very funny book, especially for toddlers, who are often a bit rough with affection themselves. The bright colors, bold lines and cartoon sound effects spelled out in huge text kept JJ wildly entertained throughout, as did the silly story. Mind you, this isn’t a lesson about being gentle: Dinah eventually finds another baby dino like her, and they are able to “kiss” by chomping, stomping and headbutting together. So if anything, it’s a tale about finding someone who likes the same things as you, and appreciates you for who you are, which is a fine lesson too! Also, it’s a small thing, but I loved that Dinah was a girl. Most books automatically make dinosaur characters male, especially if they’re carnivores. It was cool to see a vivacious, roaring, stomping female dinosaur for once. The length was perfect, and this one was pure fun. Baby Bookworm approved!


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