A Dog Wearing Shoes (Sangmi Ko)

Hello, friends! Today, we read A Dog Wearing Shoes by Sangmi Ko, a fantastic story of the bond between pups and their people.

Mini and her mother are driving home in traffic one day when her mother slams on the brakes: a floppy, fluffy little dog wearing bright yellow shoes is in the middle of the road! Her mother looks for the pup’s people, but to no avail, so she tells Mini they’ll be taking the dog home in order to find the owner. Mini is delighted, but wants to keep the dog instead, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that her new friend may have a home (despite his shoes). She takes the pup to the park, proudly showing off her new pet’s tricks, until the dog wanders off and becomes lost again! Mini is brokenhearted, and when they track the dog to the local shelter the next day, she realizes that her furry friend’s original owner must be worried and missing him just as she had. So while it may hurt, she knows she has to give him up… but perhaps she’s made room in her heart for a brand new friend instead.

This book was SO good. I love books that encourage children to do the right thing, especially when doing so means having to put aside selfishness. Mini’s conundrum feels so real; she adores the dog, and presents the kind of arguments against finding the original owner that a child in denial might use. It’s realistic, as is the story’s wonderful conclusion that ties in the importance of rescuing animals rather than buying them. It’s a very honest book with multiple real-world lessons, and we loved it. The illustrations are adorable, using only hints of the color yellow to draw the eye over gorgeously detailed pencil art. The length is good, and JJ loved it. We highly recommend this one, and it is Baby Bookworm approved.


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