Noisy Night (Mac Barnett)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Noisy Night, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Brian Biggs, a fun story of a noisy apartment building and the cast of characters who live there.

A little boy lays awake on his bed on the ground floor of a tall apartment building. He’s being kept awake by the sounds of “LALALA!” from the room above. Turns out his upstairs neighbor is an opera singer… who is in turn being kept awake by the sounds of a baby cooing “mamama!” in the apartment above his! And up and up it goes, with each increasingly boisterous neighbor being kept awake by the sounds of the resident above. But there’s a tired, cranky old man at the very top, and he’s having none of it. “GO TO SLEEP!” he shouts, and at last, the residents of this cacophonous building settle in for some peace and quiet.

This was a really enjoyable book that was made for reading aloud. Between the call-and-response rhythm of the text and the rhyming “aw” sounds printed in bold, cartoon lettering, it’s a perfect story to read more than once so children can anticipate who or what is making the sounds in question. The illustrations are fun and energetic, each one growing more so as the story climbs the floors of the noisy tower. The length was just right, and JJ loved it. We highly recommend it, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!


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