It Is Not Time For Sleeping (A Bedtime Story) (Lisa Graff)

Hello, friends! Today, we read It Is Not Time For Sleeping (A Bedtime Story), written by Lisa Graff and illustrated by Lauren Castillo, an adorably sweet story about a little boy counting down the steps of his bedtime routine.

Dinner is finished, and a little boy’s mother remarks that it has been a nice day. “It IS a nice day,” he replies, because he knows that it’s not yet time for sleeping. No, first there are dishes to wash, a bath to take, a story to read. And of course, he couldn’t possibly think of going to sleep without brushing his teeth or saying goodnight to his beloved dog Jasper. So when IS it time for sleeping? When he’s in his pajamas? No. When he’s all tucked in? Not yet. No, it’s not yet time to sleep until he gets one last thing: a hug and kiss from Mom and Dad. Then, at long last, the boy can rest his head and go to sleep.

This was a charming book that could easily become a favorite bedtime story. I love that the many steps of the boy’s bedtime routine are partly him trying to stall for time and partly the serious officiousness all small children seem to have about following the steps of a routine in order. It gives the story a great voice and a feeling of authenticity. The art is adorable, creating a quiet, soothing atmosphere perfect for lulling little readers to their own sleep. Pacing and length is perfect, and JJ and I both loved this one. A simple, lovely story about going to bed, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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